Burritos and Tacos

(s) = spicy  (v)=vegan (f)= favorite

- Tacos -

All tacos served with Spanish rice and beans

3 Tacos Built Your Way

Choose a Meat
Beef | 12  Pulled chicken | 12
Carnitas | 12  Chorizo | 12
Tofu | 12  Vegan Beef | 12
Grilled Steak | 13

Choose a Tortilla
Corn | Flour | Hard Shell

Choose a Style
Gringo - lettuce, tomato and queso fresco
Mexican - cilantro, onion and queso fresco
Cactus - spicy slaw, roasted corn salad and queso fresco

Choose a Sauce
Mi Casa
Salsa Verde
Mango Habanero
Avocado Crème
Chipotle Aioli

 - Specialty Tacos -

Cerdo Con Ensalada De Cilantro | 11
Carnitas, cilantro slaw, and avocado cream topped with queso fresco.

Chorizo Dulce y Picante | 11
Chorizo, fried onions, street corn, pineapple, and cilantro topped with Cactus sauce.

Camarones De Chili Lima | 14
Shrimp marinated in lime and chili, pineapple, red bell pepper, chipotle remoulade, and cilantro.

Pollo Con Pancetta | 12
Grilled chicken, candied pancetta, pepper-jack cheese, bacon aioli, and crisp greens topped with smoked gouda.

(f) (s) Chipotle Brisket | 14
Smoked brisket, Prickly Pear Chipotle BBQ, pomegranate seeds, tempura jalapeños, cilantro and jack cheese.

- Specialty Tacos -

Pollo Barbacoa | 13.5
Barbecue grilled chicken, red onion, candied peaches, diced jalapenos, and cilantro topped with queso fresco.

Pescado Parrilla | 13.5
Chili rubbed grilled Mahi, red onion confit, pineapple, avocado, cilantro, and cayenne lime crème.

Aldobado Bistec | 14
Marinated steak, Mexican street corn, chipotle ranch slaw, and pickled onions topped with queso fresco.

(s) Tofu Taco | 12
Blackened tofu, avocado, spicy red cabbage, corn, and avocado sauce.

(s) Buffalo Chicken | 12
Grilled chicken tossed in buffalo sauce with Pico de Gallo, lettuce, and mixed cheese topped with a ranch drizzle.

- Burritos -

Served inside a flour tortilla (or naked upon request) with cilantro rice, beans, Pico de Gallo, and mixed cheese. All burritos served with a side of Spanish rice.

Build it Burrito

Choose a Meat
Beef | 12  Pulled Chicken | 12
Carnitas | 12  Chorizo | 12  Tofu | 12
Grilled Steak | 13

Choose a Sauce
Salsa Verde with mixed cheese | 1
Mexican red sauce with mixed cheese | 1
Poblano sauce | 1
Hot queso cheese | 1.5

(f) (s) De Muerte Burrito | 12.25
Marinated pulled chicken, fresh jalapeños, mixed cheese, pico de gallo, and Spanish rice smothered in a chipotle salsa and topped with a sour cream drizzle.

(s) 3 Pepper Spicy Burrito | 11.25
Grilled green, red, and jalapeño peppers, cilantro rice, mixed cheese, beans, and guacamole topped with chipotle salsa.

412 Burrito | 13.5
Marinated steak, creamy cabbage slaw, potato wedges, mixed cheese, and tomatoes.